Who are Claude Van Houtte & Annie Crokaert?

Claude Van Houtte was born in Sint-Michiels near the city of Bruges, in 1937. In 1946 the family moved to Antwerp. In 1947 he stayed at the boarding school in Sint-Niklaas. There he could enjoy evening courses in calligraphy. He decorated his school notebooks with gothic script and écoline.

In 1952 he became a pupil by the photography company Vergouts in Antwerp. There he could have the chance to experience the skill of working with pencils and the helping by etching zinc and copper.

In 1959 he married with Annie Crokaert. They will have three children, Catharina, Bart and Regine. Thanks to a good diploma and the gift of drawing, he could start working by a company specialized in making studies concerning the import of machines for the clay industry.In the evening he drawed endless long synoptical boards as basic for engraving work for large electric switchboards.

He started to follow courses at the Academy of arts in Mortsel. (7 hours a week) When the children were nearly grown-up, Annie started to follow his example in 1985. She had the love for sculpture. In 1992 they started to built their own artworkshop. It was officially opened by the mayor Camille Paulus. This artworkshop was named "CLAN".


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