Can art save the world?

Maybe Not. But what art certainly does, is creating a climate to observe on a special way humanity and the world.

Who above that, like Annie and Claude have done, on a conscious way make the move from art-lovers to art practitioners, creates for himself a broad-minded context to talk about things around himself, places and facts.

From the beginning Annie and Claude have chosen to develop their art practition by a structural education in the DKO, part-time art education, at the academy of arts in Mortsel near Antwerp.

It is often a very long and hard way to develop an art piece out of an empty canvas, a piece of wood or stone, just with some paint or some chisels. Especially when one wants to be honest and critical to tell his story to a visitor.

The artist knows in advance that his project will change during the process of making it and that he will always find new aspects by trying to.

Bob Stikkers
Director Academy of Arts "ABK" City of Mortsel

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